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To ensure that your builds or items aren't stolen (not that they should be anyway), we have a claim plugin that allows players to select an area that can only be interacted with by them and those who they trust. Each claim block costs 1cc per, with the minimum claim size being 5x5, which would be 25cc. 

To start claiming, type /claim which will put you into claiming mode. You'll need to go to opposite corners of the area that you want to claim and right click on the ground on those corners. You will then be prompted with the amount of Creepa Coin that it will take to claim that area, by pressing the Green icon, you'll accept it and, presuming you have enough money, you'll have the claim. If you don't want the claim or accidentally misclicked, you can press the Red icon which will exit you out of the mode. 

Once you have your claim, you can interact and mess with the settings by using the command /claimsettings while in your claim. There will be many different options for you to choose from including trusting players, global permissions and naming your claim.

You can also create subclaims for areas in your claims by using /subclaim and doing the same as you did with normal claims but inside of your own claims. This can be used to give people permissions in certain areas while not allowing them full access everywhere. 

If you have any issues with claims, you can use the ticket system in the CMC Discord in #minecraft-server-info and select the Claim Issues option, which will open a ticket at the bottom of the channel list in the discord.