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/home is back and similar to Season 2's version. Now it is based off of players' tiers of subscriptions. Tier 1 Subscribers have access to 1 /home as well as a /home bed, with a 1 hour cooldown on uses. Tier 2 Subscribers have 2 /homes and their /home bed, with a 45 minute cooldown on uses. Tier 3 Subscribers have 4 /homes and their /home bed with only a 30 minute cooldown. You will only be able to use /home when above Y level 63, so players don't use them to escape caves. 

To set a home, use the command /sethome NAME and it will set it where you are standing. To delete the home, use /delhome NAME which will permanently delete that home. To see what homes you have, you can type /homes to list them off. To use your home teleport, you can type /home NAME which will need you to stay still for 5 seconds and then will teleport you to that location.