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Image Maps


Image Maps allow players to have custom images on maps to place around the server.

To request one, you must go into the discord server, into #minecraft-server-info and click the Image Map Request! option, this will then open a ticket at the bottom of the channel list in the discord. You will then need to post your image into that channel for mods to approve or not, so you guys don't just place gross or weird maps.

You will need to define the dimensions of how large you want your map to be e.g. 2x2. Maps use a 128x128 pixel ratio on a single block, so a 3x5 map would be 384x640 pixels. After a map reaches 5x5 (25 maps), anything larger will cost you extra starting at 3000cc and then increase another 1000 per 5 extra maps.

Once your map has been approved, the next time you see a Mod or Helper online, message them and ask if they can do your ticket, which they will happily do (I will demote them if not). There are some other options with how maps are placed, such as a glowing or normal item frame, invisible item frames or fixed frames (they will not break unless a Mod breaks them). After the Mod/Helper has placed your map, 1000cc will be deducted from your account and sent into the VOID.