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Other Recommended Mods

To improve your experience on SMPOnline, we recommend installing several mods besides just Plasmovoice.

We strongly recommend you use Fabric for all mods you install on the subserver to ensure you have the smoothest experience.

Some of these mods may REQUIRE downloading additional mods to work! 
On the download page, look for the "Dependencies" section and make sure you install anything listed as required.


Sodium is a performance mod that is recommended for all players to improve FPS. For some, this may double or triple your FPS in some areas on the server. This mod is also still useful for users on higher-end PCs, boosting your FPS in the more intensive areas of the server.


Sodium Extra

An optional, additional mod for Sodium that adds various toggles and settings that may help boost your performance on SMPOnline. For example, this mod includes toggling armor stands, item frames, and paintings to improve performance. You can also turn nametags off!

This mod will also recommend you install Reese's Sodium Options - be sure to download that here.


Entity Culling

Entity Culling is a performance enhancement that stops the game from rendering mobs you can't see. This will improve FPS in many cases and is recommended if you're having issues with lag in towns.



Bobby is a mod that allows your computer to store chunks locally, increasing your render distance past what our server can support. If you've got a beefy PC, we'd recommend using Bobby so you can see players for further distances.



Adds zoom to Minecraft, similar to Optifine's zoom out of the box. If you wanna be able to zoom, this is one of many mods to select from. Feel free to opt for another, but this is the one we recommend.