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Vanilla Changes

We have changed a few things from Vanilla, from redstone and hoppers to more subtle balancing tweaks. Here's a complete list of our changes.


  • Fortune only triggers on diamonds half the time for eco balancing reasons
    • This effectively reduces the bonuses from fortune by half.
    • When fortune occurs, a sparkle sound (amethyst step) plays.
  • Elytras rocket boosting is disabled - you can only glide with them.
  • When you die, a message appears in chat telling you your death location.
  • Mobs spawned from spawners have no AI, except in the Nether
  • Global sounds, such as Ender Dragon, Wither, and End Portal sounds, only sound off locally.
  • "Low value" items despawn in 15 seconds
    • All leaves, sand, dirt, raw stones (not ore blocks), vines, netherrack, cactus, gravel
  • Swift Sneak is added to the Enchantment Table list of enchantments after you kill a Warden


  • You can right-click air to open a shulker in your main hand or offhand.
  • You can right-click shulkers within your inventory to open them.


  • We use the Alternate Current redstone engine on Paper.
  • Hopper update and transfer speeds are reduced via config to levels that may be changed at any time.
    • Our levels as of Oct 21, 2023 are hopper-transfer: 8 and hopper-check: 8
  • Only 4 hopper minecarts can exist per chunk at any time to avoid abuse.
    • Additional minecarts will not be saved when the chunk unloads.
  • Hoppers will take slightly longer to tick when they're full
  • Armor Stands do not tick


  • Villagers do not naturally spawn in the world
    • If you don't have villagers, please buy villager spawn eggs.
  • Villagers are not usable within 800 blocks of world spawn
  • Villagers used to previously not be breedable, but they now can be.
    • This may change in future seasons!
  • Natural zombie villagers do not spawn at night
  • The maximum discount you can get in trades is 40%
  • Diamond armor and tools themselves are removed from all trade tables
  • Trades involving diamonds cannot be discounted
  • Raids cannot be triggered near spawn