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Ban Appeals

The CMC Ban Appeal Service is a Discord Server that is managed by the CMC Staff Team. Upon arriving in the server you will be directed to the Read First channel. This channel will re-provide you with the information on how to appeal as well as provide the ticket button to create your appeal.

How to create an appeal:

Within the Read First channel you will see the "Open a Ticket" button at the bottom of the page. 

  • Click the Open a Ticket button
    1. This will open a new ticket with your discord name opening the communication between you and staff.
  • Using the following format, write your appeal:

Discord Name:

CMC Service you were banned from:

Date of Ban:

Have you been banned prior?:

Your Appeal:

Each Ban Appeal may take the staff team around a week or two to complete. You will be instructed on your next steps via the ticket depending on the outcome of your appeal. Remember that when you are appealing your ban, understanding the reason why you were banned is paramount in the decision of the staff team.