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Around the server, in specific Towns or Spawns, there are structures called Waystones. These allow players to warp between them with 2 charges per 15 minutes. To use them, you must search the world and interact with them to unlock them for travel.

There are different menus in the Waystone GUI that you can browse through, being Server Waystones, Public Waystones and Private Waystones.

If you would like a waystone for yourself, you must meet some requirements which are:

Towns must have 5+ active players living in it and be semi built up.

If you have a build that would like one, it will be on a case by case basis in your request. Waystones do not cost anything but you will need to make a ticket by going into #minecraft-server-info in the CMC Discord and click the Other option. 

Your ticket will open at the bottom of your channel list in the discord where you can state your case and why your area deserves a Waystone, which will be decided by the Admins. We will not be giving Waystones to lone houses or bases!

Please provide the following information in your ticket:

  • Location of town
  • Desired coordinates of waystone
  • Town name
  • Desired waystone icon item
  • Amount of active players living in the town