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The Ticket Tool within the CMC Discord is a fantastic way to get into contact with the CMC Staff Team. Whether you need to Report a Player, Request an Image Map, Claim Issues, Request an Event, Request a Custom Hat, or anything else that you can think of that you need help with! The tickets page is located here.

Report a Player: Whether someone broke a minor rule or is actively causing large issues you can report a player with a ticket. Please include any evidence possible of what they were doing as well as what rule/rules you believe they were breaking. Staff will not be able to tell you the outcome of your report, but all reports are taken seriously by the staff team.

Request an Image Map: All Image Maps from 1x1 - 4x4 cost 1000 "Creepa Coin". Anything larger than 4x4 will need to be discussed with the Staff Team for a price. Please include all pictures which you wish to have turned into an Image Map as well as the sizes you need each of them. Please allow for 2-4 days for an image map ticket to be handled before following up if need be.

Claim Issues: If you are wishing to give your claim away to another player or have found an inactive claim you hope goes to auction, this is the place for you! Provide coordinates and screenshots of the claim when you open the ticket.

Request an Event: The CMC Management would love to sponsor your event on SMPOnline. Players often are given Creepa Coin and an announcement which alerts players. With any Event Ticket we request that you include the date of the event, the announcement you wish to post, and anything you need from the staff team.

Request a Custom Hat: Players often request Custom Hats via the ticket system. Each hat is made by the individual through BlockBench. After you have created a hat please include, your Minecraft name,  an image of the hat, the .bbmodel of said hat, and a name which you would like the hat to be called.

Other: This option is for anything else you may need from the staff team. Whether you noticed something not working, had a suggestion, or anything else that crosses your mind.