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Banned or Restricted Mods


Hacked Clients / Exploit-Assist Mods

We don't allow any mods that provide players an advantage over other players, such as granting flight, providing speed boosts, or otherwise somehow altering the game's base mechanics for an advantage. Advantages include information mods, such a mob or cave radars. Don't install mods that make abusing certain exploits easier - these activities are all against the rules. X-Ray and seed reversal / seed-to-ore mods are also explicitly against the rules.

Illegal Creative Item Mods

Occasionally, we will do events utilizing Creative Mode. We do not allow users to spawn in illegal items - please do not attempt to do so. Utilizing mods to spawn in "broken" or otherwise normally inaccessible items in Creative mode to circumvent our protections will result in punishment if not self-reported. Please report any issues with our protection system to staff.

AFK Bots / Auto Farm / Auto Fish Mods

We don't allow players to idle on the server to conserve server resources and reduce lag. Do not install mods that keep your player moving while you're not active in the server, and do not try to circumvent our AFK kick. Don't utilize bots or automate your inputs to harvest from your farms or to fish - please do this yourself or purchase items from in-game player markets.



We do not outright ban minimap mods, but we do have criteria for allowed minimap usage. You may not use any minimap mods that provide cave maps and/or show any mob locations. Xaero's Minimap has a "Fair Play" version of it that we recommend using, you can download that here. Ensure your minimap usage is in line with the rules.

Schematic Mods

We understand many players want to use schematics as templates for building since it's easier to plan builds out in creative. We discourage using these kinds of mods for anything other than plotting out your claim, but we realize we can't strictly prevent people from doing this. However, using "easy place" or other schematic pasting features is against the rules. Please do not use these features. If you're found to be doing so, you may be temporarily banned.


Fullbright / Lighting Mods

We don't allow the use of Fullbright mods, but due to the difficulty with moderating for this, it isn't explicitly disallowed. To keep with the spirit of the game, we would strongly discourage players from utilizing these mods. That includes real-time light update mods that make torches and lanterns held illuminate areas. We primarily discourage using it while caving - use in the Nether and the End isn't something we're concerned about.